Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Today, my friend sent me guitar version of Pictures at an Exhibition, a piece with whom I have a very specific relationship : I have known it since childhood in the orchestral version made by Ravel, my dad used to play the cd and tell us (me + my brother) stories about the Gnom, the Baba Yaga, the Dancing Chickens, the Old Castle etc. , I have heard it over 100 times .
Then, I found out the original was piano. We decided to play it with friends, we worked really hard and we had a very successful concert (it was actually the most difficult piece I have ever played).
And here it is today, the guitar version. All the music played either by a symphonic orchestra or a hard-working pianist on 6 strings. (Well, it is not exactly the same, but it sounds almost identical and trust me, I know :D)

for comparison, here is the orchestral version made by Ravel:

and here is a piano version (I wanted a live one so you can watch the hands, so it is not in such a great quality ..):

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